Treatment of Wart

What Is Wart

How to remove wart? How is the best treatment of wart? Warts are a skin epidermis hyperplasia, usually rough surface. In the middle with a little bit of black complexion small tumors, Such proliferation is that a group referred to as the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection caused.

Currently over 70 or more types of the human papilloma virus is isolated. They differ from each other in the human skin. Grow into different parts and different appearance.

What causes warts appear

Warts usually contagious come through direct or indirect and occasionally may be contagious. Once the infection to themselves and then pass to their own chances are very high.

Usually a virus enters our skin needs after several months continuous replication makes our skin to the extent of visible hyperplasia.

That mean, when you see your hand start grow a wart, it’s likely you have been infected several months ago! If you leave it alone, after several months are likely the second or a bunch of wart will come out.

How to prevent warts

Warts appear because it is “HPV” and caused by infection.  It like the growth in the hands and feet, and like the growth of children and adolescents ages.

Because warts are spread through the skin into injury. Therefor  should be avoided to make direct contact with the patients affected area, and also to avoid any chance of minor wounds appear.

Does warts need to be treat?

Children warts, It is possible in a few months or even years after the disappearance, because of children body’s immune system won.

However, because the virus can spread it is likely to be longer and more. So generally it is recommended to be treat as soon as possible.

Often have children or parents initially did not mind the wart, wait until it growth all over the foot and hand only bring them to medical treatment.

This time the treatment will be more difficult. Children will frightening and stop treatment. Thus, immediate treatment is necessary!

Treatment of wart

Warts treatment is an art. Depending on the type and age of the patient and the number of warts, there are different methods treatment of wart :

  1. Wart removal cream – If children get warts can applied every day at home by his parent, This is a convenient and painless treatment. This is also a best treatment of wart.
  2. Frozen treatment – Children and adults also can used liquid nitrogen cryotherapy treatment. Average once every one to two weeks, as long as the ongoing treatment, sure can successful get rid of warts.
  3. Cauterization or laser surgery – Under local anesthesia, the physician will be part of the epidermal hyperplasia with electrical or laser beam burning away. It will left a wound about two weeks to heal. Although a high chance of success in one fell swoop, but their recurrence rate of approximately 20%. This is mainly because of the remnants of the virus again hyperplasia sake.
  4. Surgery – Dermatologist always recommended no to do surgery to remove wart or mole. Because the one reason is will leave a scar, and second reason it will not be less recurrence rate than the previous method of. So, generally above method does not work only to use this method.

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