Skin Care Mistake That Cause Adult Acne

Many people feeling trouble in adult acne. No at adolescence, not at menstrual period and even have a dry skin. Acne is still counterbalancing? What is the legendary adult acne in the end? How can we end this damn acne?

People may think adult acne cause of stress or oily skin. The causes of adult acne can be very complicated and difficult to end it. Besides to the external maintenance, internal is also very important. So, please check your living habits to start on how to prevent Skin Care Mistake That Cause Adult Acne to have a great looking skin.

There are many causes of adult acne. Common causes are:

  • Endocrine disorders
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Skin care maintenance errors
  • Using wrong acne treatment product
  • Environmental pollution

To deal with adult acne, first of all you have to get rid of your wrong skin care methods. The principle is to increase the skin moisture, inhibit bacterial growth while local anti-inflammatory. But, the following skin care mistake that cause adult acne often make adult acne skyrocketing.

3 Main skin care mistake that cause adult acne skyrocketing.

  • Always leaves the skin dry – Oil free

Correct, too much oil will cause acne, during acne outbreak appropriate let the skin fasting is the right direction. But if not even the moisturizing. To help skin restore keratotic barrier, adequate moisture is absolutely indispensable. So it is important to choose your acne treatment product carefully

  • Use High Oil Content Cream

Even if you have a dry skin, during the treatment of adult acne. Do not use high oil content cream. No matter which type of acne, acne bacteria are the culprit, and oil is the source of acne bacteria. Smear high oil content cream will only make acne worse.

  • Pillow covers and sheets 

The sheets and pillowcases we sleep every day are sources of bacteria. Adult acne people should have a habit of changing it every 3 days to avoid the bacteria breeding. It’s dreadful to think of sleeping in a pile of bacteria.


Any failure of any one of the body’s functions may result in disorders of skin immunity. As a result, adult acne will gorgeous appearance on your face. So, remember to avoid these 3 main skin care mistake that cause adult acne.

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