Laser Mole Should Pay Attention To

Laser Mole Should Pay Attention To

In recent years laser technology is widely used in cosmetic, laser freckle, wrinkle removal laser tretment, laser skin rejuvenation etc. Also laser mole is one of them, let’s take a look at what we should pay attention to laser mole removal.

  1. The first two days the wound part do not touch water, try not to wash if the wound part is at face. After 2 days you touch the water, but immediately printing dry with a dry and soft towel.
  2. After laser surgery, the first 23 days can use homeostatic plaster to cover the wound part. You must hard-working to replace homeostatic plaster to avoid contamination and let the wounds part breathable.
  3. Avoid sweat excessive.
  4. Must pay attention on sunscreen.
  5. Do not use hand to clasp scab, it should fall off naturally, otherwise will easy to leave scars.

Laser, including drug corrosion, freezing and other methods has the following disadvantages

Not Enough Depth

Removal of mole if not completely will easy to relapse, recurrence mole activity increased, the chance of malignancy will be even greater.

If you want to completely Remove Mole by laser, it should reach a certain depth, but more than a certain depth will easy to leave scar.

Laser treatment scar shape is circular and surgery is a line shape. If along the skin texture, fine stitching, basically not easy to see after healing. Also after laser mole, can not do pathological examination. So malignant can not be discovered.

If Rarely Stimulate, Less Chance Of Malignancy

Yet, the junction of the skin and mucous membranes and other parts of the palm plantar often friction parts, lips and other malignant eyelid chance is higher. Recommend to remove.

Who can not distinguish a stain or nevus, recommended to the regular hospital for surgery or dermatology. Ask your doctor to look at, if is stain, you can use the laser treatment. If a mole, the doctor may recommend surgery.


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