How to squeeze acne at the right way

How to Squeeze acne at the right way without using tools? 

Having a acne face is not a fun at all, not even rarely people who have acne often lose their confidence. But there are also people who try hard to eliminate acne with full struggle and do not care about how much to spend.
We use this opportunity to variety some tips for you to eliminate acne by squeezing it, maybe this is uncommon for us but this is one of the quickest and easiest ways. So, how to squeeze acne at the right way?

How To Deal with Acne Well And Right

Surely you will feel surprised that to remove acne by pressing! Since we all know that eliminate acne by pressing is not a good way because this may cause new problem. So, how to squeeze acne at the right way? Squashing can also be an exit to eliminate acne but with note keeping it must be in a right way. Here are the correct steps in squeezing acne:
  1. The first step is to make sure that the acne has appeared a white granules.
  2. Wash your face with a facial cleanser.
  3. Furthermore, make sure that the pimple has not been push, which means it is experiencing severe infections or inflammation.
  4. Clean your nails and hand with alcohol before squeezing acne (repeat this step if moving to another acne).
  5. Use sterile latex gloves to reduce the joint directly between the fingers and the skin (If you have).
  6. And the top of the search for acne eyes then try to squeeze them on the edge of the acne to remove the contents. Press and massage slowly so that the whole contents are out.
  7. The last step after finish squeezing and removing the whole contents, apply toner on the top of the acne.

Other thing to try

However, it should always remember that the steps above though it has gone through a good path and does not cause any risk at all. So, this is how to squeeze acne at the right way it is one of the safe way to deal with acne problem. Of course, you may use herbs, acne treatment product (Read this related acne treatment cream post ) or use the natural ways to remove acne and its content:
  • With Pasta Sandalwood Powder
Sandalwood powder can work miraculously to mask the large pores of acne scars. The trick is applied to acne scars before bedtime and use overnight, then rinse with cold water in the morning. Routine usage will get good results.
  • Powder of Sandalwood mixed with rose water
Apply on acne scars before bed and use overnight and then rinse with cold water in the morning. But if the skin becomes dry, try to add milk in the sandalwood powder and use only a few hours but not overnight.
  • Using Ice Cube Therapy
After squeezing, pores of the skin usually get enlarged. To tighten it can be rubbed with ice cubes on the face for 15 minutes.
  • With Tomato or Cucumber
Rubbing the skin with the cucumber or tomato into the face is another way for shrink pore. Let it for 15 minutes then wash with clean water. Tomatoes not only help pores but also eliminates blackheads and are suitable for oily skin treatment.

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  1. When you squeeze acne you should do this very carefully. The hygiene is very important, because the risk of skin infection is high. When I was younger I didn’t know how to do this properly and as a result I have small holes on my face 😦

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