How to Shrink Pores

How to Shrink pores

First must get to know what type of pores

How to Shrink Pores? Pores are terror, only yourself know, because when look at a far distance is not scary, you only find many small crater at a close distance.

Many female now know that they must shrink pores, But the best thing to do is to distinguish the type of pores first. Different pore use different methods, to be effective shrink pores have to according to their type of skin condition.

A lot of reason to cause pores produce. Therefore, according to factors have to prescribe the right methods to carry out maintenance to solve the problem of large pores. Let’s talk about drying oil-based pores and aging type pores.

  • Drying aging type pores: Prone to dry skin, Even makeup at the summer will also peeling. Pores are concentrated in the cheeks, a bit like dried orange peel, pores narrow shape, Y-type or teardrop-shaped.
  • Partial dry skin: Plus collagen weaken, no way to effectively support the skin. Depression followed around the pores, stretch, shadow, making pores look thick. This type of pores must pay attention not allowed to let your skin dry! Intensive moisturizer plus firming cream, as well as for the focus pulling skin around the pores to shrink pores.

Cleaning Pores Method

  1. Cleansing, maintain skin moisture –Remember when cleaning, select a high degree of moisture of cleansing product, This can keep the skin moisture and serum original. After washing the face should feel clean and fresh water fishes there. (TIPS: bottom to up pulling the skin when washing your face can help tighten skin.)
  2. Use Toning Lotion To message –Recommended high performance lotion approximate essence ingredients. Thick texture with a high penetration of moisture can easily lay the foundation, and can enhance the absorption of follow-up care. (TIPS: You can massage the chin toward the temples put up, to avoid friction and skin tightening.)
  3. With Eye anti-aging cream to maintain pores –Because of design essence for eye, the molecules smaller and better absorption. After the eye care, take a little more to pores cheeks place, the effect is very good.

Oily type pores

T-zone, forehead are often oily, the pores of a U-shaped, concentrated in the T-zone. Nose obviously whiteheads and blackheads. If more than two there are a grease type pores.

Skin constantly produces oil, Pores around horny piled up. If not cleared up the pores will be softened oil, grew up on the pores, acne becomes solidified, accumulate in the pores opening.

This type of open pores should clean up the pores first and then pay to recover health. Next added oil control essence to better shrink pores.

How To Shrink Pores – Oily based Pores

Enzyme Cleansing, deep dirty empty.

If want to clean out deep acne, first remove obstacles to the skin surface. Moderate protein enzymes can break down the connection between the skin cells, dead skin cells and help the metabolism away deep sebum dirt. (Sensitive skin use with caution, may 1: 1 mixture with cleanser to use, but do not stay more than 30 seconds.)

TIPS: Wash your face before steaming the face with a warm towel to help soften skin and help better metabolic clearance. Nose, chin acne area, using a circular motion to clean and remove acne.

Using the “acid” moderate to unclog pores

  • First clean out the pores to narrow. You can use almond extract containing acid, it contains fat-soluble ingredients can fit the skin and deep metabolism Horny. It also can help antibacterial, control oil through the pores in one step.

Wet lotion, conditioning the skin

  • After the acid with cream, with moisturizer lotion (wet) allows better whitening effect, when the stratum corneum water is sufficient. In order to smooth the skin metabolic. Also avoid dry skin becomes foreign oil and will harder deal with pores.


After reading, shrinking pores are not that hard, just to distinguish their own reasons for the pores, and then prescribe the right medicine through small steps daily skin care can shrink pores.

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