How To Identify Melanoma And Mole

How To Identify Melanoma And Mole

Many people recognize melanoma through discovery channel, but some people still have some misunderstanding on how to identify melanoma and mole.

5 great methods on how to identify melanoma and mole.

  1. Look at its symmetry:  Use a pen draw a line at the mole, split it in two, Normal moles are symmetrical on both sides.  Malignant melanoma most irregular shape, after split in two, both sides are asymmetrical.
  2. The edge of mole: Normal moles edge smooth, clear boundaries with the surrounding skin. Melanoma uneven with skin, the shape like jagged.
  3. The color of a mole: Mole color is brown or black. Melanoma doping in many colors based on the color of a normal mole. In few months will the color will become deepened in black, blue, or the color start to fade. 
  4. Check the surface features of the mole and the texture shape changes: Normal moles perennial does not change, people will not feel discomfort. Melanoma often increases the size in the short time, the surrounding skin will cause inflammation, such as bleeding, ulceration, itching, difficult to heal, pain, scab or other symptoms. If around the affected area born many new small mole, which is a manifestation of the division of cancer cells spread out, is an important manifestation of melanoma. 
  5. The diameter: Normal moles are generally less than 5 mm.  melanoma often more than 4-6 mm in diameter.

Once you understand how to identify melanoma and mole, check your moles by the above method. If you notice your body mole is malignant, please see your doctor immediately. If your body mole is just an ordinary mole and you want to get rid of it, all you need is just a good quality and effective Mole Removal Cream.

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