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Something we have to know about acne

Many people think the causes of acne on face is because of the oil base skin or having too much fried food? Not only that! Pillows, bath towels and cell phone will causes of acne in adults face and body. 
So, how are these things going on? The most annoying part is not about we have acne on face, is because it will stay very long time on our face and the most important thing is make up can’t cover it.

Causes of acne in adults – Where pimples comes from


In fact, Antimicrobial drugs is to use the formula of anti-acne drugs. If you get it from the hospital, you have making a big mistake. You have to change your acne problem solution immediately.
Hospital oral anti-acne drug is for serious patients, the effect is too strong for ordinary skin problems. It will lead to skin resistance and will make your skin in big problem.

Make-Up Tools

Makeup tools is the best method to let us get a flawless face, but when we use it everyday, these tools will stick some bacteria from our face. Day by day the bacteria will be more and more to affect our skin health.
Sponge, soft brush a class of tools can be clean with some gentle cleaning agent. If our face has acne right now, then we have to clean our makeup tools more often.

Eating habits

Drink more water! Presumably this is the countless word that every beauty experts has repeat. Drinking enough water every day to ensure that your skin metabolism and also to maintain body and skin water.
In fact, this is the cheapest skin care products but also the most overlooked skin care products. Also because of eating too much fried food, fast food. Please do not go so decadent anymore. 


How long your pillowcase has been replace? Have you ever cleaned your pillow in the last week? If you change the pillowcase for a month, then congratulations, you will not be lonely every night. You have accompanied by millions of micro-organisms together while sleeping.
For lazy people are no way to fight acne, we have to change pillowcases at least once a week. Most of the outbreaks of acne are inseparable from the micro-environment.


Pillowcases are not the only thing you have to worry about, towels are also microbial paradise. Think about it, every day to use it to take bath, wash face, a soft “little guy” actually became our hidden dangers,
As the saying goes, “no ugly woman, only lazy woman”. You have to wash your towels every week, the best choice are use white color towels. So we can unscrupulous use of disinfectant.

Daily use items

What is the best thing to do with daily use such as hand-phone? Decorate it beautifully? No! We should disinfection it.
According to scientific research. Some office items such as keyboard, coffee cup and telephone, these items supplies of bacteria content is much higher than toilet. That’s how causes of acne in adults by using such dirty items daily.


Yes, our hand is the biggest natural enemy of our skin! We have to touch a lot of things every day and afraid that we do not remember all of it and then go touch our face.
We have to restrain our hand, let it be far from our face. Always wash hand is a virtue. But it also mean that there is no more suitable platform for our chin.

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